A look at the 2010 F1 season

By Lee Catuzzi

Welcome to the new formula one season. I am Lee and will do my fair share of the writing for the Zagott’s World.

With the new Formula One season about to start in Bahrain next weekend, there is a lot of excitement among the fans as the 2010 will probably prove to be the most notorious of all.

For a starter we have the return of a legend in Michael Schumacher at the age of 41 after a three years retirement period, driving another old legend, the Mercedes. The guy has kept himself very fit during this time following his usual routine and managed to fit in some motorbikes racing.
The Mercedes team will be headed by his former boss at Benetton and Ferrari, Ross Brawn one of the most successful strategist in the business.

Nobody knows for sure but there have been a lot of speculation about his marriage break-up with Ferrari, but one thing for sure is that his old team which helped him win seven world driver’s championships, won’t be watching with their mouths open.
No, because with Felipe Massa and double world champion Fernando Alonso they plan to spoil the party big time.
In a recent interview Alonso has said that the Ferrari is the best car he’s ever driven and he feels very much at home with his new family at Maranello.

Graphic shows the drivers with the most World Championship titles with two or more.

What’s about all the good young drivers that fill the grid this year?
The likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and many others don’t dream of anything better than beating their idol fare and square to prove something to themselves and fans alike.
Personally I think that Michael will do well because together with Alonso and Hamilton out there, he is probably the most focused guy there and the experience will help a lot too.

In the other hand I can also see Fernando and Lewis battling for the top two spots, followed by Schumacher himself,  Massa, Vettel and maybe Button.

There are three new teams added to the grid this season. They are Lotus based in Norfolk, UK, Spanish team HRT based in Madrid, Spain and Richard Branson’s Virgin Racing based in Sheffield/Bicester, UK. After week of uncertainty about the future “Team US F1” has effectively closed down and won’t be participating as expected.

Tyres will play a big part this season as there are not going to be stops for re-fuelling and the teams that manage to preserve most of them will have an advantage. So far the team with an edge on the tyre issue is Sauber.

Does this ring any bells? Remember Honda retiring from the sport and Ross Brawn taking over and win the Driver and Constructor Championship? Will Sauber repeat history following BMW retirement?

On Sunday although I will be sitting at a swimming pool watching my son compete, I will make sure that my iPhone is well charged and tuned to the BBC, as I will definitely won’t be missing this historic event.
I know that many of you think that F1 is probably not as exciting as other sports, but I can only say that “The world is beautiful because it’s colourful” and the colour I definitely want to see at the front of the grid is RED.


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