By Lee Catuzzi

This coming Friday, the Malaysian Formula one weekend will open with a spectacular Air Show from the Royal Malaysian Air Force on board of one of the fastest jet fighters in the world, the MiG29.
This aircraft first entered active service in the Malaysian Air Force in 1995. The squadron of Royal Malaysian Air Force pilots performing at the show are solely responsible for defending the country’s air space but from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th April they will be entertaining F1 fans at Sepang International Circuit to a display of skills and speed.
Also known as ‘The Smokey Bandits’, these pilots are not dedicated air display pilots but active combat ones and they will fly their aircrafts in the operational configuration.

Now, going into the Grand Prix itself I can say that things are starting to hotting up a bit and from this weekend we will start to have a much better picture of things to come.
Some pilots have been unlucky (Vettel), some have been lucky (Button), some haven’t produced yet what everyone expected (Schumacher), some are still in an uncertain area (Webber, Kibica) some have been great (Alonso, Massa and Hamilton).
In Australia Alonso and Hamilton were for sure the most proven drivers after showing great passion, speed and  determination. Louis was struck by a bad team decision which cost him a podium and was clearly upset by. He will be going to Malaysia with a lot of confidence.
Red Bull have one of the fastest driver out there with Sebastian Vettel and a very fast car too, that unfortunately can’t  guarantee him podium finishes.
Ferrari and McLaren have very reliable cars and good drivers and I am sure that this two teams will do the real fight at the end, predicting Alonso, Massa and Hamilton in that order.

Rosberg is outpacing Schumacher in qualifying and in the race so far. Has the greatest driver of all the time made the biggest mistake he could ever master to make? Only time will eventually tell…

The Sepang International Circuit made its debut in 1999 and is one of the most modern hi-tech and beautiful designed track with great facilities. A very challenging experience for pilots and cars alike, Sepang sits on what  was once a hot and humid jungle near Kuala Lumpur new International Airport.


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