End of bad luck for Vettel in Malaysia

By Lee Catuzzi

Misfortune finally abandoned Sebastian Vettel this time and he finally got the first and deserved victory of the season in Sepang. Mark Webber was a close second, making a Red Bull Renault, one-two. They dominated all the way from the start and even the pit stops didn’t change their positions.
A long-awaited win for Vettel who has from the beginning of the season been affected by technical problems.
Not too surprised to see Nico Rosberg taking third place on the podium. He drove a clean and fast race and deserved the place. Don’t  forget that he has constantly out qualified his team-mate (Michael Schumacher) every time they have been on the track, either qualifying or racing.
The top driver of the Malaysian GP in my opinion has to be Lewis Hamilton as he drove with all his heart and finished in 6th place after starting from 20th.
His escalation to the top was not without problems though.
The tougher challenge was posed by the Russian rookie Petrov who gave Louis an unexpected tough time indeed. Hamilton narrowly passed Petrov but the Russian quickly re-established his place at the next corner. Lewis tenacity and experience finally got hold of the situation and eventually got passed Petrov and continued his race until he could not go any further and stayed until the end of the race behind the Force India car of his close friend Adrian Sutil.
What happened to Ferrari? Massa and Alonso were stuck for ages behind the Ferrari powered car of Jaime Alguersuari’s Toro Rosso and after the pit stop again behind the even slower Jenson Button’s McLaren. Massa eventually passed Jenson but Alonso got stucked behind him until the end of the race when on an attempt in overtaking Button, resulted in white smoke from his engine and the end of the race, which stopped him to collect those vital two points.
The Ferrari team must resurrect to the challenges that this year’s GP is throwing at them.
Yes OK, the Ferrari has achieved a good package for the season but unless they fastly keep improving, the mountain to climb will get steeper and steeper.

This is a very competitive seasons where I would say at least five to six teams so far have proved that they can be standing on the podium, weekend in weekend out.

Renault are proving fast and reliable too while the mighty Schumacher-Mercedes marriage hasn’t produced what was so much expected by everyone.
Instead of making a fuss and force his way, he should have kept the number 4 that was assigned to him at the beginning of the season. You never know…. He could have been different… maybe. Maybe not!

This is what the results table looks like after the third GP of the season and before the Chinese one on the 18th April.


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