Webber takes Monaco’s Jewel

By Lee Catuzzi

All the people involved in F1, from teams to journalists keep bombarding us with the fact that Monaco is THE GP of the season for many different reasons such as his history, the thrills it provides etc.

Well, as an F1 enthusiast I can’t disagree more with this concept. Obviously if I had to spend four days in Monte Carlo during an F1 GP mixing with the thrilling atmosphere that it generates… for many obvious reasons, I wouldn’t definitely be complaining about it and I would probably be saying that it is a great track etc…

Formula 1 for me and many other fans around the world has always be about pure speed and amazing overtaking manoeuvres giving the fans the thrills they pay for. Monaco for me doesn’t do this, full stop. I must say thought that it is probably the best testing ground for top drivers where they can show off their skills by nearly-kissing the many concrete curves of this wonderful principality.

Anyway lets don’t forget to congratulate the marvelous Mark Webber that has, like in Barcelona proved what he is really made of.

He had a perfect weekend where he achieved top spot in qualifying and drove a fantastic long GP, full of different test thrown at him from Safety car to back markers.

He never had to worry about anybody else in those two hours, not even his team mate in fact. He was kept at a safety distance for the whole duration of the race except when doing the restarts after the safety car.

The Red Bull is probably the best designed car out there just before the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and funny enough Renault which nearly ceased to exist less than a year ago.

Webber was also put by many specialist observers in the shadows of the great revelation that was Vettel. I say “was” because Webber has proved that a bit more experience can work better that youth when driving the fastest car on the grid and youth has shown quite clearly in Vettel’s face when not getting what he wants.

I must congratulate Kubica for his podium finish because he is really a fantastic driver and it showed all over the weekend. I am sure it won’t be long before we see a Pole on pole. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.

The “Driver Of The Day” Award, for me must go to Fernando Alonso who gave the fans everything they could wish for. Starting from the pit lane and finishing a spectacular 6th after some fantastic and dangerous overtaking manoeuvres at and in the tunnel area of the track. Virgin’s driver, Luca di Grassi gave Alonso probably the biggest scares with his immature driving.

I think that it is quite fair for Alonso that the judges at the end (Thanks Damon) ruled in his favour when Schumacher overtook him at the last lap when driving with the safety car and robbing him of 6th place.

Schumacher hasn’t definitely lost any of his dirty tricks and he is showing sign of desperation already by trying to take advantage of little window of opportunity when they present. Mercedes is actually going to appeal the stewards’ decision which resulted with Schumacher being shifted to 12th because of a 20 seconds penalty. The decision of Brawn to appeal ridicules Schumacher return even more. A seven time world champion that has to battle for two extra points when he should have (instead) taken the F1 by storm has all the ingredient of a comedy. Can’t complain really, at least we have something interesting to watch unfold.


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