Hamilton triumph in Turkey

By Lee Catuzzi

There is no guarantee that all birthdays pair up with a great party. At the Turkish GP this was the case with Ferrari celebrating the 800th GP with the poorest performance of the year.
Well, I must say, the drivers did everything it was expected¬† from them and they drove those cars as fast as they could go but it wasn’t enough because while Massa was battling Rosberg, Alonso was left to deal with the young Petrov in the Renault for most of the race.
They eventually finished 7th and 8th but not really a result that matched they own big event. Alonso fairly said that he was surprised of the pace of the car and that they are at the same level of the Renaults and unless they improve on the packages they will bring up in Canada and then Valencia they won’t be able to catch up with the Red Bulls and the much improved McLarens.
Montezemolo should really shake very hard the Ferrari tree and get some fruits out of it before is too late.
The highlight of this latest Gp was obviously Sebastian Vettel who thew away the chance for the Red Bulls to have a one-two finish by recklessly ramming his team mate while doing 300 kilometres per hour. As soon as he got out of the car he even made another gaffe by gesticulating with his hand over his head, implying probably that his team mate was crazy for the whole world to see. What we saw was that at the pit lane his team principal was holding his head in despair and a total shock in the faces of the rest of the team. This obviously shows that there are no team orders in the team and while this is good for the sport, it shows also that there are no regulations and definitely no respect for each others or anarchy certainly prevail in the young German mind.
Fortunately Mark Webber kept his cool and drove back to the pits to change whatever was broken in the car and still managed to finish on the podium with Hamilton and Button’s McLarens.
Hamilton drove as he usually does. Simply great. He stayed with Webber for most of the drive until he was pipped by Vettel at the pit stop. He then gave Vettel a run for his money until he was given the first place on a silver plate. Hamilton deserved the win but we all must feel a bit sorry for Webber who was literally robbed.
Schumacher finally outgunned his teammate with a great drive and finished a good fourth. The latest changes on the car have probably woken his senses and there are some sparkles of the great Michael there.
McLaren is probably the team that together with Mercedes have been working the hardest on their cars and it definitely shows. The others have to follow if they want to have a glimpse of they exhaust before they disappear in the horizon with the Red Bulls.

The good thing about this season is that all the top drivers are all still in contention for the top prize and this can definitely mean a lot of good news for the fans.


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