Hamilton heads one-two in Montreal

By Lee Catuzzi

Louis Hamilton took the top podium in Montreal with a stunning performance that thanks also to the BBC we were able to see it in full, unlike the England’s goal last night when ITV obscured it with a car ad.

It is now the third time McLaren has done a one-two this season and clearly shows how much hard work the Woking team has done this season in order to eliminate the Red Bull domination.

Alonso and Ferrari were at a good pace too and it looked like it could have gone either way but the Mclaren duo prevailed at the end. Massa had another unfortunate race by having a contact with Liuzzi on the first corner and later Schumacher shoved him on one side which resulted in a damaged nose for the Ferrari forcing Massa to the pits and losing the chance to score a valuable single point. Schumacher was a bit naughty with Kubica too in the earlier part of the race and probably was to do with the fact that his weekend didn’t pan out as expected and had the worst qualifying of the season so far. As a consolation Rosberg kept adding points to the Mercedes tally by finishing 6th.

Canada didn’t have much to do with speed alone but was mostly a tyre race. Red Bull in fact threw away their chances with the wrong strategy by leaving its pilots out for too long hoping the tyres would last more that they should have done.

Overall a good turn around for the championship and for the fans which sees the top 4 drivers separated by few points leaving the race more open than ever with Hamilton at 109, Button at 106, Webber at 103 followed by Alonso with 94.
Liuzzi and Sutil had a great race for Force India by finishing 9th and 10th.

The best of the new arrivals was probably Lotus again as they keep improving steadily. Trulli and Kovalainen both registered times in their 1.20s but Trulli was unfortunate to abandon the race at lap 42 because of an unexpected vibration developed in his Lotus Cosworth and Kovalainen finishing a respectful 16th ahead of the Renault of Petrov.

In two weeks time the F1 circus will move to Valencia in Spain were some teams will bring major updates for their cars and things could take a different direction once again.


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