A messy European affair

By Lee Catuzzi

The European GP is definitely one i want to forget quickly. Too many things happened that made me a bit frustrated, worried and angry.

Obviously the Mark Webber’s accident worried me a bit but thanks to the safety applied to modern F1 cars, he came out  well and my attention went to the safety car which in my opinion ruined the race.

Ferrari was the one who lost big time out of this when Alonso and Massa were driving ever so close behind Hamilton in second place.

I know that the words of Alonso, the anger of the Ferrari team and the imposed penalties won’t fix the unfairness of the overall matter but we must accept it and get on with it and make sure that their car is competitive enough in the future and for the drivers to concentrate and use this past event to build something positive out of it. 

I don’t understand why Hamilton and not the Formula 1 structure has been made to look bad here. Louis was involved in a situation that was not premeditated and when given the penalty, followed the rules and took it like a man. Any of the drivers on the track would have done exactly the same. It is like the Germans saying “That was definitely a goal for England and it’s not fair to disallow it.

It looks very much like the old rivalry could easily be re-ignited with this incident, adding more thrills to a sometimes boring script.

The other Ferrari  meanwhile, dressed in pure white and bearing a Swiss name, did very well indeed under the driving of a certain Kamui Kobayashi (7th) and Pedro della Rosa (12th).

Kamui drove brilliantly through the race with some very good passing maneuvers and to finish the day up high he even manage to overtake Alonso on the last lap.

Sebastian Vettel and his team won a European race that was definitely not in their calendar and they would have been happy just to finish in the top five to keep their title chase alive. 

The Schumacher saga seems to be carrying on and on as the seven-time world champion fails even to follow the shadow of what he used to be.

Ross Brown must be kicking himself with what he thought was the biggest scoop of all by bringing the ex-champion back in the fold.

To finish I must give some credit to the Lotus team for several reasons. We all liked the way technical director Mike Gascoyne dealt with David Coulthard allegations after the race. Well done Mike.

We must all understand and congratulate the team and drivers for the work they are putting on the car’s development. Even if luck is not at their side, they are getting there. 

Heikki Kovalainen was not having such a bad run when Mark Webber decided to use him as a trampoline and hit him on the back.

Jarno Trulli had his share of bad luck too and after he had to make an early stop to replace the car’s nose and after for a gearbox problem. The mechanics did an excellent job and managed to finish the race and collect valuable data. His first radio comment at the end of the race was “The car was bloody good”.

(Because of some technicalities we will add the tables later in the day)

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  1. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this site regularly, thanks for the info!

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