Webber wins Red Bull battle and dominates at Silvestone

By Lee Catuzzi

Mark Webber’s race at Silverstone was perfectly dominated from the beginning. He first overtook his team mate at the start and then drove a faultless GP which included a successions of lap records. The weekend marked some more controversy at Red Bull when management decided to take Webber’s new front wing and install it on Vettel’s car. Mark was visibly unhappy about this and responded with a superb drive.

Vettel suffered a puncture to the right-rear from Hamilton’s McLaren but it was simply a racing accident which forced him to do an early pit stop for hard tyres and leaving him at the back of the grid. He still managed to finish 7th by driving aggressively well.

Hamilton and McLaren are still showing the fruit of a perfect marriage. The team works extremely hard and on Saturday they even flew their test driver to their base in Woking by helicopter so he could check their progress on the simulator until the early hours of the morning. Louis is in my opinion the best driver out there. With a car that is definitely not a match (yet) for the Red Bull, he manages race after race with pure determination and driving skills to score valuable points to keep on top of the leader board.
Button in the other hand, had a poor qualifying time and started in 14th place but managed to finish 4th in the end.

Another disastrous weekend for Ferrari. After a good qualify session on Saturday (3rd), Fernando Alonso made a terrible start and after the incident with Kubica where he was forced to overtake the pole by cutting through the grass, his situation got worse. By the time he was given the message to let Kubica retain his place he had already passed another car. Robert Kubica soon developed mechanical problem and had to retire but the stewards still gave the spaniard a drive-through penalty which unluckily coincided with the deployment of the safety car. This harsh decision dropped him back a dozen places to finish 14th while he could have easily ended up on the podium.

Massa in the meanwhile suffered a puncture after what locked like a contact with his team mate and ended up racing in the mid-bottom of the pack without making much progress. At lap 41 he decided to come to the pits for tyres change and caught his mechanics unaware because no message was given to them of his arrival. Radio problem? We would never know. He even managed a fastest time at lap 51 but it didn’t really mean anything.

It looks very much like a season to forget for Ferrari where apart for some bad luck in decisions taken against them, we can also see that their progress and drivers concentration doesn’t match their rivals at McLaren.

Rosberg was back on the podium with his Mercedes again in 3rd place while his seven-times world champion teammate managed only a mere two points with 9th position.

Silvestone based Force India is still raking points with exceptional drives from Sutil (8th) and Liuzzi (11). In the time that Sutil was fending off  Sebastian Vettel towards the end of the race, Liuzzi was doing the same with Alonso.

Jarno Trulli 16th place finish gave Lotus some earned respect following their hard work. The rumours that a deal with Renault to supply the engines for next season could became a reality.

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