LATEST F1 NEWS: Tyre quiz for teams

By Pat Espresso

Bridgestone are bringing a super soft at one end of the range and a hard tyre at the other – the first time this season that the teams have had such a wide range.

It means that team strategy will be all important because the operating ranges of the tyres are very, very different. According to some commentators, we could have another Montreal on our hands.

If Sunday is as cool as forecast, superhard tyres will struggle to warm up on some cars in the race. Jenson Button notoriously has problems sometimes getting his tyres up to optimum operating temperatures in cold weather.

Mercedes too may also fear the chillier weather and Felipe Massa has struggled all year to get performance out of the harder tyre.

Another magical ingredient will be that supersoft tyres will not last very long in the early part of the Grand Prix, on the faster cars which qualify on them in the top ten of the grid.

Tyre problems will be worsened if the track is rained on through Friday and Saturday, making it green. Experts believe there will be massive graining on the supersofts, especially as there are lots of heavy acceleration out of slow corners. It means we could have some of the top ten runners pitting unusually early, allowing cars outside the top ten to gain places.

McLaren will be cursing the bad weather on Friday, because they have allotted their practice sessions to judge whether the exhaust blown diffuser will bring them the extra speed they need to challenge the Red Bulls and keep the Ferraris at bay.


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