LATEST F1 NEWS: Coulthard turns on the fans

By Pat Espresso

DAVID Coulthard gives us both barrels on the team orders row in his Daily Telegraph column, telling disappointed fans: “For goodness sake, wake up and smell the coffee.”

The thrust of his argument is that “the public furore is based on a fundamental misunderstanding, which is that Formula One is about the individual”.

That view will come as quite a surprise to the millions who watch him give his opinions on the BBC, which like the rest of F1 wants to entice viewers by stressing the heroic battles between individual drivers.

This year we have seen immense match-ups: Hamilton v Button, Webber v Vettel, Schumacher v Rosberg and Alonso v er, no one. Now we realise that we were mistaken all along.

If you take the personalities on the track out of the equation, it will become a pretty poor spectacle and tainted in the eyes of the general public.

It’s not just Coulthard who blames the fans for misunderstanding the true nature of the business. Even Eddie Jordan, who was furious in the aftermath of Hockenheim, is now calling for the team order rule to be repealed. But whatever cynical old drivers think, the reputation of F1 has undoubtedly suffered.

2 Responses to “LATEST F1 NEWS: Coulthard turns on the fans”
  1. Oscar says:

    DC is right. The ‘heroic battles between individual drivers’ is purely clever marketing by Bernie and his cronies. Unfortunately bread, dough, wonga or caladosh, call it what you will eradicated the heroic battles some time ago.

    Until F1 descends into a farce like Premiership Football with players ‘cheating’ continuously by conning the ref and faking injury I’ll keep turning up and supporting.

    In conclusion what DC said on Sunday immediately after the race is correct. ‘Anyone who believes team orders are not in place in F1 is somewhat green’.

    Looking forward to seeing Phillipe’s reaction in Hungary though. Should be a goodun.

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