LATEST F1 News: The plot thickens…

By Pat Espresso

FERRARI fans will fear the worst when the World Motor Sport Council meets to discuss the Hockenheim team orders row thanks to alleged tensions between Jean Todt and his former employer.

The Frenchman’s 15-year association with the Maranello outfit ended in apparently amicable circumstances, with a heaving trophy cabinet and warm words for his new job as head of the FIA.

But according to the respected Italian newspaper La Repubblica, that image of a harmonious parting of the ways was false and the split between Ferrari and Todt was indeed stormy.

The report alleges that the team have also been unimpressed with the way Todt has continued his leadership of the FIA in the style of Max Mosley, who was not a favourite for Ferrari.

The relationship worsened at Valencia, with Ferrari singling out for heavy criticism race director Charlie Whiting’s handling of the safety car incident.  And at Silverstone, Ferrari’s anger increased still further over Whiting’s delay in dealing with the Kubica debacle.

It all means that Ferrari are not expecting any favours when the WMSC sits to discuss further punishment for breaching the rule on team orders. According to La Repubblica, the team believes it will be Todt’s opportunity for payback for the team’s earlier clashes with officials.


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