LATEST F1 NEWS: Bernie’s ideas

By Lee Catuzzi

Bernie Ecclestone has joined David Coulthard by saying that team orders should be scrapped. “I believe what people do when they are inside the team, and how they run their team, is up to them.’ he said on the website.

Regarding the regulation itself being taken out of the book he continued ” I don’t know, we’ll have to see. It’s something that needs to be discussed,’ he added. ‘As far as I’m concerned a team is a team, and they should run it whichever way they want to run it.’

In another interview he revealed that he won’t be surprised if some teams don’t make to the end of the season as they are out of their depth at the moment.
The 79-year-old added that 10 team should be the right number for next season and that the sport won’t suffer in any way if they won’t turn up.

A team he wouldn’t like to lose is Lotus, he said. “Lotus is a good name. I wouldn’t want to lose them. But in general this year has been a bit of a nuisance because it has cost money to keep these (struggling) teams in. It has cost a lot of money to pay for them to compete.

One Response to “LATEST F1 NEWS: Bernie’s ideas”
  1. Oscar says:

    Surely new teams have to start somewhere? To slag the NKOTB of midway through their first season seems a little harsh to me but hey that’s Bernie for ya.

    Does he forget that RedBull were a new team not so long ago? Look at Force India’s progress over the last couple of seasons. I dont recall Bernie having a pop at his mate Mr Stoddart’s Minardi Team when they were poodling around in what can only be described as ‘struggling’ cars.

    Bernie needs to understand that some of us don’t simply support the ‘big boys’ but the sport as a whole. There should always be a place for the underdog……….just ask Phillipe!

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