Webber takes top spot in Hungary

By Lee Catuzzi

Another thrilling day for Red Bull and especially for Mark Webber. After been passed by Alonso at the start he managed to stay focus and didn’t do a pit stop like everyone else but stayed on with his soft tyres doing a high number of fast laps (40) distancing himself┬á from second place Alonso and come back again in the top spot.

Vettel only managed 3rd (19 seconds behind his team mate) even if he stayed real close to Alonso for most of the race. The layout of this particular track and the fact that Ferrari is faster on the straight prevented him for passing the Spaniard. The German was even given a drive through penalty for delaying the other cars prior to the safety car restart.
For him this weekend was very much like many other because after having gained a good qualify position he didn’t manage to keep it till the end of the race. His body language did all the talking at the end.

While Alonso shared the podium with the two Red Bull drivers, Massa managed a comfortable fourth, scoring valuable points for the team.

Although the McLarens wen’t up to speed to challenge the Red Bulls and Ferraris, Louis Hamilton did his usual great job but mechanical failure forced him to abandon the race early, while Button finished a poor 8th after being lapped.

Today was a very good day for the rookies. Petrov’s kept his qualify position and ended up 5th, while his team failed to finish due to a pit accident. H├╝lkenberg drove brilliantly and took 6th position while his team mate Barrichello scored an exciting point by finishing 10th after he overtook Schumacher. The German squeezed Barrichello so much to the wall that he endangered the Brazilian life and was saved only by the length of the wall. Schumacher was later penalised for his very dangerous drive technique and will loose 10 position in the next GP in Belgium, where he can forget to score any points at all. Too little if you think that a life was at risk here.
Schumacher come back, looks sillier and sillier and by today standards we can easily say that the guy is very desperate.

Webber now sits comfortably on top of the driver standings and so does Red Bull.

From next week, following the rules nobody can do any more development on their cars and that means only one thing. Red Bull will be the only team with the greatest chance to lift the manufacture trophy and one of their drivers could easily be crowned champion because as things stand at the moment nobody can get any closer to the Austrian outfit.

Lotus Racing made a good progress as both their cars finished the event without problem. A well deserved reward for a very hard working team.


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