LATEST F1 NEWS: Too little too late Michael

By Lee Catuzzi

Two days later, when he could have easily been accused of causing the death or badly injuring his once, team mate, Michael Schumacher issued an apology via his website with regard to the dangerous manoeuvre on Barrichello in the Hungarian GP last Sunday.

“I have to say the stewards were right in their decision.  My move against him was too hard,” he said.

“I clearly showed him that I didn’t want to let him pass but, looking at it rationally, I wasn’t seeking to endanger him (Barrichello) with my manoeuvre.

“If he feels I was then all I can say is sorry, this wasn’t my intention,” he added.

Well, maybe the pressure from most of the world’s media played a big part in this with some accusing him of being an arrogant villain.

Some reminded us about Schumacher role for the FIA – the Ambassador for Road Safety Campaign.

The Spanish sport newspaper “Marca” said that Schumacher return was probably the darkest chapter in the history of Formula 1.

I would say that the apology won’t really save what people always knew. As a man he should have done so soon after the race when BBC interviewed him, instead of issuing stupid remarks that left nobody laughing.

Nobody would disagree with the fact that he has been one of the greatest record breaker in Formula one, but not because he is in the same league as Ayrton Senna or Manuel Fangio. No.

Schumacher success was a big team effort in the real sense of the world where everyone at Maranello played a part in it. From Montezemolo, Jean Todt, Ross Brown, to the guy that wipes the factory floor.

I wonder if this last episode will tarnish his image to an extend that he will be never be remembered for the good things he really did.

2 Responses to “LATEST F1 NEWS: Too little too late Michael”
  1. I remembered the old american phrase, “Win or wall”, seeing this moment. An that’s what it really was, at least for Schumacher.

  2. Oscar says:

    No doubt the media and ‘fans’ will continue in the charachter assasination of Michael. For me it proves one thing. Michael has lost his ruthlesness. The old Michael would never had allowed a driver to pass up the inside. With a simple mirror, forget the signal, manouever the old Michael would of ‘slammed’ Rubens into the wall and then innocently asked the worlds media “what was wrong with that?”

    If Dario needs company in the near future………………………

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