By Pat Espresso

FORMER FIA supremo Max Mosley wants to see Ferrari stripped of the points they won at the German Grand Prix as punishment for breaking the team orders ban.

Speaking to a German newspaper, Welt Am Sonntag, the ex-FIA president also said the F1 ban on team orders should remain – despite a growing consensus among teams that it is unworkable.

Ferrari are due to face a hearing of the World Motor Sport Council next month over the team’s order to Felipe Massa to move aside for Fernando Alonso at Hockenheim – which has already earned them a $100,000 fine.

“Most teams are in favour of the ban being lifted,” said Mosley. “But if one wants to fulfil the needs of the audience, then one must maintain the ban. In the event that it is brought into play by a team, we have to impose a severe punishment.”

Regarding Ferrari’s punishment, he added: “Both cars and both drivers should lose the points they achieved in the German Grand Prix. I will not make any recommendation, but on the facts at the moment there should have been some sporting sanction and not only a fine.”

  1. hernan says:

    Maybe the guy should just retire and enjoy those nice punishments… and leave the world of F1 to the experts. Obviously is using every opportunity to get at Ferrari, or maybe he is doing it on behalf of someone else in high up places…

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