Alonso goes second with perfect win in Singapore

By Lee Catuzzi

Alonso won the crucial Singaporean GP with a stunning drive while having Sebastian Vettel was stuck behind him for the whole time. Very convincing victory indeed.

“Obviously it was tough, the race was long and with the safety car problems and also the people we were lapping, especially at the end we found a group of five cars and it was difficult to lap them,” Alonso said.
“There was a yellow flag on the straight, and we had to manage the gap not to overtake the guys under the yellow. I took it very easy in the last couple of laps, we know how difficult it is overtake here.” he added.

It was a quite a nervous experience for the Spaniard as Vettel continually added pressure and never eased the hunt.

I personally feel sorry for Lewis Hamilton as his bad days seem to continue. We all agree that In Monza he threw the race away due to a mistake on his part but here in Singapore he performed an amazing manoeuvre on Webber while they both passed a back marker and when it seemed to have worked, he got clipped by Webber himself on turn 7 as the Australian wasn’t left with much room to turn and it seemed inevitable and was classified simply as “racing accident”.

The result of this GP leaves Webber at the top of the standings with 202 points, followed only by 11 points by Alonso at 191.
The top five drivers are separated only by a mere win and it looks more likely that Abu Dhabi could easily stage the final and decisive GP of the season.

Jenson Button was a steady as ever and manage to finish a good fourth place collecting vital points for the team and (you never know) maybe, just maybe for his own championship crown.

Kubica status as a top driver has been raised few more notch this weekend showing that he has what it takes to be passionately aggressive and  surgically precise to perform clean overtakes in difficult circuits like this one. If the rumours of the past week are true, than Ferrari has made another good deal in signing him for next season.

Apart for the problems Massa had in qualifying, he made a good progress on the grid during the race but this was mainly due to a perfectly timed pit stop and not to his own driving.
The guy seems to have passed his “sell by date” and it doesn’t posses the energy and aggression to win.

Same goes for his old companion at Ferrari, Michael Schumacher who has shown that his return was not the best decision of his life and the best sport he seems to be good nowadays is to knock other drivers off the track and be second to his young team-mate.

Nine non-finishers, including the two Lotus. Trulli at lap 27 and Kovalainen at lap 58 when his car caught fire on the straight and had the balls to extinguish it himself after borrowing an extinguisher from the Red Bull team. Maybe a bit overqualified  to be a marshal.

2 Responses to “Alonso goes second with perfect win in Singapore”
  1. RedPistons says:

    Great win for Alonso. I hope he goes all the way. Shame about Hamilton…

  2. joeSpetterd says:

    Not again Louis. Never mind you’ll get there as a true lion

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