By Pat Espresso

Raised eyebrows over at Red Bull Racing as their consultant David Coulthard uses his column in the Daily Telegraph to warn the championship contenders: “Don’t rule Lewis out.”

The former F1 driver even highlighted how lucky Mark Webber has been this season, escaping collisions with teammate Vettel in Turkey and now Hamilton in Singapore to score podium finishes while his rivals are forced to retire.

“If there is one thing I learnt from racing against Lewis and watching him at close quarters since retiring, it is that he is a truly exceptional racer,” writes the Scot.

“Lewis is also arguably the best at overtaking. It may sound strange after two races in which he has suffered race-ending collisions, but it is true.

“In Singapore Lewis was desperately unlucky. His move on Webber was exactly what we have come to expect and love from him. Mark had every right to defend robustly. It was a straightforward racing incident.

“Lewis has to put it behind him and focus because it looks now like he is going to have to outperform his car if he is to claim his second world title.”

According to Coulthard, the winding high-speed turns of Suzuka’s first sector will suit the Red Bull’s characteristics while the huge straight separated by the awesome 130R turn is McLaren territory. What he doesn’t mention is that the Ferrari seems capable everywhere.

“The simple fact is that for Lewis, Vettel and Button, they all have to go for race wins now,” writes Coulthard. “Podium finishes just won’t cut it. Not while Mark is picking up solid points and getting the rub of the green the way he is.

“You need a bit of luck in this game and at the moment it is not going for Lewis. But don’t rule him out. He will be back fighting. It’s the only way he knows.”

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  1. F1 Live News says:

    David Coulthard drives Jake Humphrey around Monaco GP Circuit…

    I found your article interesting so I’ve added a Trackback to it on F1LiveNews! Hope you’re OK with that? 8^)…

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