By Lee Catuzzi

Felipe Massa has told Ferrari bosses he would rather walk away from the Scuderia than accept being number two to Fernando Alonso.

He told Germany’s Sport Bild that he believes he is a winner and can take the title next year – but only if they allow him to compete fairly with his Spanish teammate.

“I am sure that Ferrari won’t make another Barrichello out of me,” said Massa, referring to his Brazilian countryman who was repeatedly forced to allow Michael Schumacher to win races for the team.

“If this should happen I will definitely leave the team because I never enter into a race with the prospect of being second.”

Straight-talking Massa laid down the law to Ferrari bosses knowing that he has a secure contract with the team until 2012. “I am sure that next year I can win the title,” he said.

Rumours have swirled around the Maranello team since Alonso was handed victory at Hockenheim’s German GP, following a clear “get out of the way” radio message to Massa from his race engineer.

The Spaniard is now championship leader Mark Webber’s main rival for the drivers’ title, knowing he can rely on a strong-running teammate to take points away from the other contenders in the run-in.

It means that Massa, for all his tough-talking, must realise that he is still just a cog in the big Ferrari machine – whatever he may say or think.

  1. redhotpistons says:

    Come on Fellipe. You work for the benefit of the team. Get on with you job. We haven’t seen any sparkle from you since Germany.

  2. redbaron says:

    If it was one of the Red Bull drivers talking I would understand. Actually Ferrari will be better off without you dera Felipe…

  3. SebastienRoyce says:

    Tough Talk? Rubbish talk more likely. Earn the money they pay you for. If you were as fast as your teammate the situation would be different.

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