Thumbs down for Webber

By Pat Espresso

Three-time F1 world champion Jack Brabham reckons fellow Australian Mark Webber has “blown” his chance of winning this year’s title.

The racing legend said Webber’s disastrous DNF in Korea had given a huge advantage to his Ferrari rival Fernando Alonso, adding that he didn’t think the Australian could mount a fight back.

And what was even more depressing for the Red Bull driver was that Sir Jack thinks he has blown his chance of glory forever.

Brabham, who won world titles in 1959, 1960 and 1966, said a Webber victory “would mean a lot to me and it would mean a lot to Australia, but unfortunately I think his real opportunity has been blown last weekend.”

The only other Australian to win the F1 title was Alan Jones in 1980.

Brabham, who lives on the Gold Coast south of Brisbane in Queensland state, rarely comments on the state of Formula 1. But he says he fears Webber may have missed a career chance at a title.

“I’m really there behind him in the hope that he gets there but if he doesn’t do it this year I don’t think he ever will, personally,” Brabham said.

“He was there with a 14-point lead so now he’s back in the grid and that’s going to make it very, very difficult.”

“Mark’s actually a very good driver but unfortunately he does make mistakes and the mistake at the weekend has probably cost him the championship. It’s a pity, really, because Vettel didn’t finish and all Mark had to do was finish in front of Vettel one more time and he was home and dry.”

Brabham says the 34-year-old Webber will soon be uncompetitive against the likes of younger stars such as Vettel and Alonso.

“People like Alonso are young and Mark’s getting a bit too old really now,” Brabham said. “He can probably go one more year but every year that goes by now he’s getting older and this is a young man’s sport.

“He’s racing against 21-year-olds or 22-year-olds and he’s got the job in front of him. He’s got to finish in front of Alonso and also Vettel and it’s not going to be easy.”

One Response to “Thumbs down for Webber”
  1. Oscar Joseph says:

    D’ya know what. I would love to see Mark lift the title this year but unfortunately I’m inclined to agree with the great Mr. Brabham. For me the chance of Mark bagging the championship was muddied more than the RBR diffuser in Korea! I really do hope I’m wrong on this one and would love to be proved wrong. I, like Jenson am an eternal optomist but my heart tells me it’s all over for Mr. Webber this year and maybe forever………

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