And then there were three

By Oscar Joseph

Vettel and Webber delivered a comfortable one-two for Red Bull in Interlagos today securing the 6 year old team the Constructors Championship.

Sebastian Vettel took the lead from the surprise front man Hulkenberg and to be honest never really looked like losing it.
It appeared it was only going to be his bad luck with reliability that would cost him victory – thankfully, for him it stayed away!

Vettels team ‘mate’ Webber quickly disposed of Hulkenburg after selling him a well orchestrated dummy to capture 2nd place behind Vettel.

Webber appeared to be reeling Vettel in during the middle stages of the race but lost ground when they met traffic. He did mention in a post race interview that the engine was struggling with high temperatures and required a degree of managing.

Championship leader Alonso secured 3rd place after battling for several laps with Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg defended his position admirably but eventually lost out to the determined ‘on a mission’ Spaniard.

Vettels’ win in Brazil means he’s now 15 points behind Alonso, with Webber 8 points behind the Spaniard heading into the final race in Abu Dhabi next Sunday. I’ve spoken to race fans all season long about his and Webbers body language and it was evident again this afternoon that relations are ‘frosty’ to say the least. It appeared at one point after getting out of his car that Webber was actually going to ignore Vettel.
Mark Webbers’ comment stating ‘the team is not emotionally behind him’ and Vettels’ statement saying ‘if Webber needed help he should call on the medical car’ have only widened the void between them.

Drivers removed, the celebrations were well underway in the Red Bull garage as the 2010 constructors’ championship is theirs. Let’s see if in one week’s time either of their drivers can add the drivers’ championship to it.

Eddie Jordan said post race ‘this is the most exciting season he can remember’. I’ll have to agree with him on that. And the proof….I’ve started smoking again!

2 Responses to “And then there were three”
  1. hutrgt says:

    Hei OJ, I don’t think the boys at the Red Bull garage will extend their celebrations at Abu Dhabi Next week.
    If they do I hope it will be Webber to take the crown.

    • Oscar Joseph says:

      Thanks for the comment Hutrgt. Red Bull racing were massively strong in Abu Dhabi last year bagging another 1-2 for the team with the other drivers considerably off the pace. Do it again and the celebrations will be even bigger I’m sure. Auzzies do like a celebration……………..

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