Youngest Champion is crowned in Abu Dhabi

By Lee Catuzzi

This fantastic 2010 F1 season came to an end in a hot desert night and in a style that Hitchcock would have been proud of.

Sebastian Vettel was the actor chosen for this role or better, he volunteered contrary to many people expectations as all the spotlights were instead pointed to his main rival and team mate Mark Webber and most of all to Fernando Alonso.

Even after a poor start from the Ferrari ace and a very good one by Jenson Button we saw Alonso’s Ferrari drop to fourth place at the first corner.

If it had stayed like that, the Spaniard could have easily grabbed his third world championship as the only other person (Mark Webber) who could have stopped him from doing so was tucked well behind him thorough the whole race.

Instead his team decided to let him stop earlier after responding to an earlier pit stop from Webber. Alonso rejoined the track behind traffic and once everyone made their pit stop, he couldn’t progress further than Vitaly’s Petrov Renault in seventh place.

The Russian rookie did drive exceptionally well and denied Alonso any glimpse of the tarmac that laid ahead of his Renault. Such a performance will probably secure him a second year drive for the same team, that looked a bit unsecured just few weeks ago.  He was all smiles at a party few hours later.

Alonso has gallantly refused to blame his team and by doing so he has done some good to the image that he has in the past reflected to so many people. The one of a moaner. The Spanish double champion understands that in this sport you win and lose together and there are times (like in Monza) where the team can deliver the driver a surprising victory.

Team principal, Stefano Domenicali admits the error of bringing Alonso in for tyres change following Mark Webber’s one but he is also full of praise for the way his team has worked through the season.

Some Italian politicians have even asked for Montezemolo’s head. That is simply ludicrous especially when it comes from the kind of politicians who are making a mess of what once was a great and respected country.

Montezemolo hit back at the criticism of the far-right Northern League party minister Calderoli by saying “When he achieves 1% of what Ferrari has done for Italy in terms of industry and sport, then he’ll deserve an answer.”

For Sebastian Vettel the Yas Marina circuit is going to become a memorable venue, not just the track where he won last year but more important the place where he was crowned  the younger F1 Champion. He has in fact won the title from Lewis Hamilton with a marging of 166 days.

The young German F1 talent was noticed since the days at BMW Sauber, when as third driver made a big impression at the US GP, substituting Kubica’s and becaming the youngest driver to score in the sport by finishing eight. He switched to Toro Rosso in 2007 and was there until the end of the 2008 where he achieved again another record by winning the Monza GP becoming the youngest pole-sitter and GP winner.

It has been just a matter of time for Sebastian Vettel to reach this stage and he has done it in style and maybe a bit of luck too. But that it’s the nature of the sport, it goes both ways.

The whole season could have easily reached a different finale if Hamilton’s wouldn’t have lost points at Monza and Singapore and it could have been much tighter at the top.

I still think that he is one of the most exciting drivers out there and next year he will be the one to watch.

A good fourth place for Rosberg and with merit too as he has been the better driver at Mercedes GP for 95% of the season finishing with 142 points compared to Schumacher’s 72.

A round of applause must go for Tony Fernandes’ Lotus Team which in their first year finished 10th and shown a steady progress thorough the season even if they didn’t score any points. I hope that he keep the same drivers line up for next year, because with better equipment like the Renault engine and Red Bull gearbox, Trulli and Kovalainen would definitely be able to show their true colours, just like Webber has done with a Red Bull.

We hope to be filling you with F1 news thorough the winter. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the season as much as we did and looking forward to 2011 when FIVE world Champions will entertain us once again.


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