Driver adjusted rear wing to improve overtaking

By Oscar Joseph

Under the new moveable bodywork regulations for the 2011 season drivers will be able to adjust the cars rear wing from the cockpit. This change is one of a number confirmed by the FIA in the recently published 2011 regulations.

The system will be electronically operated and will be available for activation only when a driver is less than one second behind another driver at a predetermined track position. Once the driver brakes the system will be deactivated and cannot be used again until another predetermined position on the track has been reached. It is hoped the new system will allow more exiting overtaking opportunities throughout the race.

The system can be used at all times throughout practice and qualifying but will only be activated during the race when two complete laps have been completed. Similar to the KERS system which is to be reintroduced next year the rear wing system is optional, not compulsory.

Any regulations which make F1 more exciting can only be a good thing. But can we handle any more excitement? Didn’t we have enough last year!

Only 84 days to go…….

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