Bernie rubbishes break away F1 series claims again

By Oscar Joseph

Bernie Ecclestone has once again rubbished talk of teams setting up their own rival series after 2012 and said it’s “complete nonsense”.

The Concorde Agreement which governs the commercial side of the sport expires at the end of the  2012 season and this week Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo yet again suggested teams could walk away if they did not get more money.

Ecclestone, said he paid little attention to the comments from Ferrari headquarters at Maranello.

“It’s what he (Montezemolo) says every time he goes to Monza every year,” he said.

“They’re not going to break away. They’ve tried it all before. Luca’s a lovely guy but he likes to say these things and then he forgets what he is saying,” added Ecclestone.

Montezemolo threatened a rival series last year only to do a complete U turn and sign a deal with Ecclestone and the governing FIA days later.

Montezemolo outlined three scenarios, the first being a continuation with Ecclestone and rights holders CVC Capital Partners.  The second, to find new owners but the same business model or, thirdly, to promote their own championship.

I gotta say I’m with Bernie on this one.


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