Vettel crowned European Sportsman of the Year

By Oscar Joseph

Earlier this week members of the International Sports Press Association voted the youngest Formula 1 World Champion in history the European Sportsman of the Year.

Vettel became only the second Formula 1 driver to land the accolade after fellow countryman Michael Schumacher. Like his 2010 Formula 1 Championship victory this was also a very close contest. He narrowly beat French sprinter Christophe Lemaitre by a single point. Swiss tennis star Roger Federer came in third.

Not surprisingly it is rumoured that the Red Bull Racing F1 Team is trying to secure Vettel’s services beyond his current contract which runs out at the end of 2012. It’s been reported that as he’s considered one of the most valuable young drivers Red Bull wants to extend his contract to the end of the 2015 season. Sources have stated that a contract extension would take his ‘salary’ up to $22 million in it’s final year.

Red Bull will be keen to secure Vettel for the future and keep him away from the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes who would no doubt love to secure him as a driver. Not only is he the youngest world champion he is also the youngest driver to score a point, the youngest driver to secure pole and the youngest driver to take a race victory. And when you consider he’s only 23 and Schumey is still racing at 42 he’s gonna be with us for a while yet!

One title Vettel couldn’t lay claim to was that of Driver of the Decade. Shortly before Christmas the question was asked who racing fans thought was worthy of the title. Whilst the 30,000 votes were being  counted it was apparent there was only going to be one winner- Michael Schumacher. Love him or loathe him I think it’s a deserving title for the still racing seven time World Champion. Vettel came a respectable sixth in the poll.

3 Responses to “Vettel crowned European Sportsman of the Year”
  1. Martí Muñoz says:

    Hello. He is doing a great job, I think it’s a
    well-deserved award 🙂 I’ll come back and read what you write 😉
    Martí Muñoz, Short F1 News owner.

    • Oscar Joseph says:

      Thanks for your comment Marti. Like you I think it’s a well
      deserved award for such a young man. Remembering that SV is still
      only 23 is hard to believe sometimes. Best wishes for 2011.

      • Martí Muñoz says:

        Yes, it seems he has been in Formula One many years, but he
        is just starting his career…

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